A Bit of Nostalgia

This never fails to impress on a first date. Balancing a bottle of wine, iPhone, or even a guitar with a pinch of salt.

Blame it on the rain…. I’ve been feeling nostalgia for old records. This Bluetooth enabled built-in phono pre-amp turntable from Audio-Technica makes playing old records easy. The challenging part is finding my favorite oldies. We have two record stores in town but looks like I might have to go record shopping whilst in NYC for more rare finds.

I found a 45 RPM vinyl of “True Blue” from Madonna and it reminded me of my first unrequited crush (P.F.) in Highschool and the folded notes I used to pass back and forth with my girlfriends. I showed Naomi how to fold these. Ahh… before texting!!

My recent favorite stroll down memory lane was this tweet from Tommy Lee

image by TommyLee

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