Twitter Fact Checking

I don’t recall joining Twitter. Apparently, I joined back in 2011. With Elon Musk’s acquisition, I thought I’d check Twitter out. I signed on right during the implosion of FTX …. in real time. I don’t think I slept a wink.

Recently, I saw this “opinion” piece regarding FTX by a WSJ writer.

From someone who has been following this story for the last several days, I neither agreed with the opinion nor understood how one came to that conclusion — nor how it relates to Donald Trump.

Earlier in the week, I had read a tweet from @carjackmiller regarding a feature (Birdwatch) that allows users to add missing context to viral tweets and/or rate if the missing context was helpful or not. I really liked this fact checking model (Elon renamed it to “Community Notes”). What caught my eye was that this approach was inspired by a platform called Polis. Polis was used in Taiwan to crowdsource creation of new laws.

As the debate began, Polis drew a map showing all the different knots of agreement and dissent as they emerged. As people expressed their views, rather than serving up the comments that were the most divisive, it gave the most visibility to those finding consensus – consensus across not just their own little huddle of ideological fellow-travellers, but the other huddles, too. Divisive statements, trolling, provocation – you simply couldn’t see these

Taiwan? I just bought stocks in TSM – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (on a rumor that they were opening a plant in Arizona and that Apple will buy US-made chips from TSMC). Baader-Meinhof (frequency illusion) – when the thing you recently discovered is suddenly everywhere.

Back to original thought – when I came across the WSJ opinion piece and clicked on the tweet, guess what I saw?

My first example of community notes! Of course it was helpful!

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