This Charming Man

“..golden child of cryptocurrency..”
“..crypto world’s white knight..”
“..darling of Washington policy circle..”
“..iconoclastic wunderkind..”
“..I don’t know how I know, I just do. SBF is a winner..”

I know I know.. it’s been sliced and diced all over the web and twitter. I am just making a mental note. I’m sure SBF and CE will never see a prison cell. They are both very connected. I gotta stop following this story or this Theranos story so I can sleep. (Her lawyers are attempting to convince the judge that she wasn’t a full grown adult when she formed Theranos.)

Onto my home front, an old colleague showed me two of his ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). An ADU is an independent housing unit that may be added (attached or detached) to residential properties. His two ADU consisted of a converted garage and another is a freestanding unit. The rent he collects covers his mortgage. I could easily convert my garage into an ADU but I like keeping it as a garage. My neighbors, two doors down, added an attached ADU to their garage.

I like their design better. Another idea I had was adding a modular home by Boxabl, BoneStructure, or pre-fab home by Studio Shed in the backyard. Going to meet with a designer with ADU experience next week to discuss further.

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